CyberPros, LLC
Providing Innovative Security Solutions
A True ​​​Partnership

CyberPros is a Woman and Veteran Owned Small Business specializing in delivering cyber security solutions that are tailored to meet our customers needs.

The CyberPros Team has been providing both Military and Civilian Agencies with the highest levels of expertise in the field of IT Security, for more than two decades. Our core belief is that there is no single product or process that can provide the necessary security for any IT environment.  Moreover, it is not possible to remove all risk or vulnerabilities.   In fact, our customers should expect to leverage our expertise to manage risk as opposed to eradicating risk.  The best security posture can only be achieved by considering and implementing an Innovative Security Solution that includes understanding the unique threats to our customers unique enterprise, mitigating those threats, providing reasonable Risk Management and providing “Documented Repeatable Processes and Procedures” that will allow their agency to accomplish it’s mission. 

CyberPros, LLC is a vendor neutral company.  Meaning, we have no partnership or business interests in any cyber security tool, appliance or application.  This is because commercial products provide different types, levels, and nuanced capabilities. Our approach allows us to assess our customers security risk posture and, if necessary, design a solution using only the tools, appliances or applications that will deliver the results that they desire.  This ability to scale services and capabilities according to our customers needs delivers fiscally responsible results that they can count on when they need it most.
Our Services
  1. Security Program Development
    Engage our experts to deliver a Security Program that will scale to your business needs and provide a robust security posture.
    Understanding a clients infrastructure is paramount to utilizing the appropriate tools and techniques to effectively secure it in a fiscally responsible manner. Our experts will: • Review system architecture and determine weaknesses • Communicate to management the “True Risk” to the architecture and provide a solution, that if implemented, can mitigate that risk.
  2. Virtual CISO
    CyberPros, LLC. provides Virtual CISO services that are unique to each organization.
    Our most popular service is our Virtual CISO offering. A CISO must wear many hats and have high level of competency in every aspect of security. CyberPros, LLC leverages more than 25 years of dedicated security experience, involving every facet of security. Our customers receive Subject Matter Expertise that allows them to choose only the services they need to augment their existing security program.
  3. Security Compliance
    Security audits against every baseline and requirement. Our experts are ready to help.
    Our experts have been providing government and commercial customers compliance support since 1999. Such as: • HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27002, SOX, NIST RMF, ITAR, DFARS, GDPR • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) High/Moderate/Low • Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance... and more
  4. Security Strategy
    Business risks and cyber risks are linked.
    Understanding that security is inherently a "Business problem" and not an "IT problem" is the first step to success. • Reduce redundant cyber spending • Prioritize High Value Assets • Leverage existing technologies • Keep C-Suite engaged • Have a roadmap …and more